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British Studies: British GovernmentΒ 

​British Government

UK is a parliamentary democracy with constitutional monarchy. A King or Queen is the head of state, while Prime Minister is the head of government. Continue reading “British Studies: British GovernmentΒ “

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British Studies : British Culture and People

​The aspect of British Culture

Culture is something we are all a part of; it can be language, tradition, cuisine, manner, etc. Britain or the U.K is known for its rich culture encompasses history, ethnicity, and customs since Britain was inhabited by many people with different background. 
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Where do the names of American States come from?

Origin of American States


United States of America is one of the big countries in the world. From its name, we know that there are many states over there. USA has 50 states and it is shown on its flag, there are 50 stars in the left corner or inside the blue square background. Did you know all the states in the U.S.? Did you know where the names came from? Here we goo……

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